Common Issues for the Accommodation Industry

Common Issues for the Accommodation Industry

1.      Odour issues in the room- caused by smoking, wet carpet, body odour , and cooking

Solution: CPC Odour Treatment- will instantly kill the odour with no after smell at all- you need to spray  product into the airspace of the room or into the drapes or directly on to the carpet wherever you feel the odour is coming from and your problem is gone


2.     Pot holes in the car park- caused by leaking oil from cars

Solution: Use CPC’s Super Sonic Degreaser, dilute half with water spray onto the oil contaminated surface and then hose off. Our product is biodegradable so it is acceptable for it to reach the drains.


3.     Finger marks etc on Stainless steel lifts etc- caused by people touching  surfaces

Solution: Use CPC’s White Knight ,spray on and wipe off, buff any residue with dry cloth and you will get a protective coating that not only cleans the  stainless steel to new looking but maintains the surface from marking easily.


4.     Shower glass cover with white film- Caused by soap scum and calcium deposits from water supply

Solution: Use CPC’s Go crazy product, spray on half diluted , agitate the glass with a stiff brush or a worn out scouring pad and rinse off with lots of fresh water, the glass will come back looking brand new. You do not have to use this product every day only on occasion and when required.


5.     Oil marks, shoe marks on carpet- Caused by grease /tar covered shoes walking on carpet

Solution: Spot spray with CPC’s Mr. Universal product half diluted and scrub lightly with a stiff brush then sponge out with a soft damp sponge.


6.     Suite case scratch marks along hall ways and wall areas- caused by people scratching the surface while driving suit cases around your property.

Solution: Spot spray with CPC’s Mr. Universal Product diluted by 50% and agitate with soft brush and then wipe off with a soft cloth


7.     Crockery/glassware /tea pots looking old and aged- caused by not being washed properly


Solution: Pour 30ml of CPC’s Liquid Automatic Dish wash and 30ml of CPC’s Rinse Aid directly into the Dishwasher and allow the normal cycle to run through, you will be amazed by the result; everything will look brand new; Depending on the soils you may have to run the cycle twice however. 


8.     Stained towels- caused by shoe polishing, make up removal and the like


Solution: Pour 100mls of CPC’s prespotter in with your normal laundry wash, along with CPC’s Laundry power or liquid , followed by a quick spray of CPC’s prespotter over the affected areas of the towels, your towels will come out perfectly clean


9.     Tied lifeless towels- towels have lost its life

Solution: Pour 100ml of CPC fabric softener into the last Rinse cycle of the laundry wash, and you will see an immediate difference in the thickness and feel of the towels.


10.       Wooden Furniture looking dated- the timber has lost its natural look

Solution: Polish and buff the furniture with CPC’s White Knight, you will immediately see a 100% difference; you can also use this on leather furniture as well.



11.       The cost of the Guest amenities is exceeding budget- guests are taking product home

Solution: Purchase bulk product and repack into nice glass dispensers or bottles, the cost will substantially reduce to less than half. Products like liquid soap, shower gel, bubble path, laundry powder, automatic dishwashing powder etc. You will find with the right glass bottle or dispenser your bathrooms will look much more elegant.


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